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Celestials Stellar Club Celestials Stellar Club
Celestials Stellar Club Celestials Stellar Club
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NFT Celestials Stellar Club

What kind of planet will you own?

From a collection of 4,962 Exoplanets deployed on the Ethereum chain, be among the first to claim your mysterious planet on the other side of the Universe. CSC Collection is a community-driven project passionated by art and NFTS.

  • 14/03/22 - 6PM UTC
  • Mint whitelist : 3 exoplanets
  • Price 0.25 ETH / exoplanet
Slot whitelist 500
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  • 15/03/22 - 6PM UTC
  • Mint public : 5 exoplanets
  • Price 0.30 ETH / exoplanet
Total supply 4962
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Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse

A unique metaverse experience with deep space exploration and NFT artwork

Our NFT planets really exists in interstellar space by their name and attributes, based on NASA datasets and are represented in our CSC spaceship metaverse game.

Each planet includes real world data such as the actual age, mass, and other values that make up its composition.

A hand crafted algorithm combined with your planets characteristics give each exoplanet its rarity amongst others in the cosmos.

Each celestial NFT is unique! They are made by talented artists who use a wide range of custom traits to compile your celestial body.

Through mapping the universe and creating a Web3 exploration model that mimics the real thing, we each have the ability to aim for the moon 🌙 Or stars if that's your thing.

We welcome you to take part in owning one of the first NFT digital representations of the incredible creations that exist in our universe!

Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse
Get ready for launch

Interstellar Roadmap

  • Q4 2021

    Drawing each celestial planet and its custom traits. Creating the multiplayer metaverse game which is to be playable on the website.

    Development and audits of the Ethereum smart contract which governs the celestial bodies.

  • Q1 2022

    Launching Celestials Stellar Club! Working with partners and crypto influencers to build awareness and a community to add value to the CSC NFT collection.

  • Q2 2022

    Implementation of staking of the celestial planets. This enables the opportunity to win rewards such as new planets and solar systems in the interactive multi-player metaverse game.

  • Q3 2022

    Participate actively in various crypto communities and through various web3 metaverse apps. Partnering with other Gamefi, P2E, and NFT collections to increase the value and awareness of the CSC collection.

  • Q4 2022

    New celestial bodies added to the CSC NFT collection. Creative artists will introduce new rare planets and give them as rewards and giveaways to CSC holders.

  • Q1 2023

    By the year 2023, we will have populated our solar system, our galaxy and begun to explore the universe. Exploration, staking, player vs player, and other gamefi features will allow CSC holders to play, explore, and loot exclusive new CSC NFTs across the metaverse.

Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse

When is the launch date?

We will have two different launch dates. One for whitelisted members and one for the public mint. There will only be 500 WL spots available - these spots are able to acquire a CSC NFT at a better entry price.

The public mint will occur a few days after the WL event. There is a maximum of 3 exoplanets per member of the WL event.

By participating in the WL event, NFT collectors can maximize their returns.

How to access the Whitelist?

- By joining our discord and being an active member of the CSC community

- Inviting new people in the discord to check out our collection and increase your rank invites

- Doing fan-art of planets and innovative creation around the Universe, sharing them on social networks

Since the public price is higher than the whitelisted one, whitelist members are able to secure an NFT at a lower entry point.

How do I buy a celestial planet?

Once the mint date occurs (whitelist or public) you will need to connect your ETH address using the 'connect wallet' button found on the website at celestialsclub.space.

You will then be able to buy CSC NFTs through the smart contract that governs the collection. The collection will also be listed on OpenSea.

What can i do with my NFTs?

Your Celestial NFT is in the metaverse, you will be able to navigate to your celestial body by going to your solar system.

By flying around and exploring outer space you will be able to loot and find additional items to add to your NFT and collection. More features and surprises will come in time.

Have a question?

Join our discord and be apart of the conversation! Ask your questions, leave comments, and participate in this exciting NFT gamefi project.

Other community members and the CSC team will help answer any questions you have. Join us in this unique web3 experience!

Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse

Join us on our journey and explore the metaverse like never before!

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Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse Celetials Stellar Club NFT Metaverse
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Celestials Stellar Club Celestials Stellar Club

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